You've got a friend in me.

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On his back and staring at the sky, Hans woke to a downpour in the desert. His ears rung and everything was muffled, lightning cracked across the sky, blinding him for but a moment. The rain came down in buckets, soaking him to the core as he lie on his back. The muzzle of a charr came into view as it growled out something to him, staring down at him with keen eyes. Hans felt the sand under him shift, the familiar red and browns of the Silverwastes spanning above him.

“Grimtooth?” Hans squinted, unable to get up for some reason.

Another flash of lightning and it was a greying muzzle belonging to Gus. The elderly charr seemed to yell something, panic lacing his expression as he grabbed at something. Hans looked down to see his body tangled in vines, Gus’ large paws tugging and pulling to get the human free.

Hans began to realize what was happening and began to struggle, fighting against the vines. He wasn’t in control of his actions, fighting against Gus, panicking as the vines constricted around him tightly. Gus barked something and held Hans down, keeping his struggles minimal.

Suddenly, the other drew his rough tongue across Hans’ cheek -

Hans gasped as he opened his eyes to the darkened ceiling of the living quarters. The rain beat down against the winery without mercy. Jaeger was whining and licking Hans’ cheek, desperate to wake his owner from his nightmare.

Hans found his blanket tangled around him and he struggled to be free of it as he sat up. His sleeping shirt stuck to his back as he ran a hand through his hair and wiped the cold sweat from his brow.

Jaeger whined and set his front paws on the edge of the bed, pinning Hans with a worried gaze. A crack of thunder had the blond whincing and clamping his hands down around his ears to drown out the noise. He felt the stress and panic setting in, his breathing becoming shallow and short as he screwed his eyes shut, trying to block it out.

His blanket slid from his legs and he opened his eyes to see Jaeger gripping the large square of linen in his jaws and dragging it off the bed. Hans was about to protest, but the dog gave a whine and began heading for the door, his walk a bit bow-legged to accommodate the trailing blanket.

Hans slowly swung his legs out of bed and shivered at the icy stone floor hitting his bare feet.

Grabbing his pillow, he figured Jaeger had a plan.

The dog didn’t stop, save for when Hans faltered at the cracks of thunder. Always a sharp bark to keep Hans following. “Where are you taking me?” he croaked tiredly, the spray of rain hitting his cheek as the wind shifted. He stuck as close to the wall as possible, keeping covered under the sheltered, but open corridor lining the central courtyard.

It took some time, but Jaeger led his owner past the vats and brewing machines - the heart of Rision - and down into the cellar. The quiet made Hans breathe a sigh of relief, but Jaeger went all the way to the back, to the musty quiet that the cellar provided.

Jaeger finally stopped and dropped the blanket in a corner and looked up to Hans, wagging his tail expectantly. It took Hans a moment or two before he settled down and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders and hugging his dog close. He buried his face into the short, black fur and sighed, feeling safe between the large kegs.

“Thanks, buddy.”