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About TLS

The Last Sanctuary is a Guild Wars 1 and 2 guild currently residing on the Tarnished Coast.  We're a laid back bunch with a history of spinning yarns and spending way too much time making our characters look pretty.  This site was designed to serve as a repository of our yarns and pictures of our pretties.

TLS originated in Guild Wars 1 and many of its core members hail from there. The current guild is comprised of roughly 70 people with 5-10 or so active during our prime hours (US EST-PST). 

We do not actively recruit, but we also enjoy getting to know new folks.  Our membership is comprised of working adults who are on or over the hill and prefer to play at a chilled out pace while still enjoying end game content.  No, we don't have a list of rules.  At our age, if you haven't figured out how to be a decent human being, it's a bit late for that.  Rep is cool and all, but not required 100%.

If you're over 18, don't mind the occasional crude joke, and enjoy hanging out with us, you're in. Contact us via our website or whisper one of us in game.