Do you want to do raids with TLS?

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Do you want to do raids with TLS?
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Yep, it's time to think about raiding

Let's talk about interest in the upcoming raid content in HoT.  We'll need a minimum of 10 folks who are interested in working on getting through content that we've been promised is very difficult.

Things to consider when making responses:

  1. It sounds like they'll take roughly as long as a full set of fractals takes us now.  Keeping in mind our level of expertise and casual approach - that's a 1 - 1.5 hour commitment.  They are also likely to take us longer due to expected failures/wipes as we learn the mechanics.
  2. There will likely be little stack and smack and very few opportunities to get out of combat
  3. We've been promised that this content will challenge us on our level of skill/knowledge about our chosen classes.
  4. The new mastery system will be called into play so we'll need some time to at least unlock a few levels of gliding (we know that for sure)

Taking 3 and 4 into consideration, we should each of us consider dedicating our time to perfecting our play with one or at most two classes.  I'd be curious which class you are considering for raiding so we can get an idea of strategy and party comp.  For me it's guardian primarily and secondarily it's elementalist.


Mog Ruith
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Very willing, assuming it's

Very willing, assuming it's not a hard grind that leaves everyone feeling frustrated and tired. 

I think it's obvious to everyone here, but I'd obviously volunteer the class that I know best: Mesmer. A secondary class for me would probably be Warrior or Guardian, but Revenant might be close behind. 

Timing for me would probably be best around Saturday evenings (around 730pm Pacific). 

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Of course, I'd love to do

Of course, I'd love to do raiding when and if I've got the time for it.

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Sign me up!

I'm very up for this and was hoping to see others interested in the guild as far as raids are concerned.  As everyone knows by now, my strongest character is my necromancer, followed by warrior or elementalist. 

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Sure. It doesn't look like it will be as intense as WoW or Rift

For October, November, and December I will be working swing shift with Fridays and Saturdays off. Saturday night work best I think. I would prefer to bring my thief, as I am most comfortable with her, but I am willing to bring ele, guardian, warrior, or necro if needed. They are all geared and have multliple weapon sets. 

(oops, just realized my other account won't have HoT, so probably no raiding for my necro for a while anyway)

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I am of course happiest with

I am of course happiest with thief but my guard is the next best profession I have. We'll have to see how the meta plays out etc.

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I missed doing things like this wit the guild and friends

I missed  doing things like this wit the guild and friends.

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No option for 1000%?  Time

No option for 1000%?  Time allowing, I will definitely be up for it.


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