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Mog Ruith
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Guild Hall Claims

Everyone post your claims! There's a couple reasons for this:

  • * Let everyone know where your claim is 
  • * Show off what you've been doing for inspiration

We're also going to institute a rule where if you've left the game for three months, your claim could be removed to release resources and areas for other players.


Mog Ruith
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(No subject)

Recommend resizing the images to around 900px wide. 

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Smuggler's Landing a.k.a. Snuggler's Landing

The new home away from home.

Sleeping beauty.

A pot to piss in.

Now all we need is a Gossy Wossy!

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Indy's cotage in  the

Indy's cotage in  the Hamptons

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My guys' cozy digs

There's not much to see, because I'm sure that the NPCs will take it away from me eventually. For now tho, this is where my guys hang out.

Susann Noir
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Tris and Izzy's little corner

Indy was very kind and let me have this nice little space so my characters can have a home :)

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I call it: 'Hobo shack on the

I call it: 'Hobo shack on the cliff'


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