Guild Halls

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Guild Halls

Two of them:

Lost Precipice

Gilded Hollow - demonstration of decorations and guild services/buildings.


Mog Ruith
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At the moment, I'm currently

At the moment, I'm currently leaning towards Precipice, although I'm still in the middle of watching the first video. But there was one point that the dev's made that made me want Precipice: Gilded Hollow is intended to be very sleek and modern (but still traditional fantasy), while Lost Precipice is meant to be like ruins of old civilizations.

I definitely don't enjoy the 'sleek, modern' aesthetic at all. :/

Also a final question for anyone reading this: Would you like me to make an executive decision on this or would you prefer to vote?

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I think I like Precipice the most, it kinda reminds me of the sunspear sanctuary in NF (even tho it's in Maguuma or w/e, the aesthetic it has gives me that feel). Gilded is cool too though. Ultimately for me I think it's up to you all as I'm not really the most active in guild with you guys. I'm fine either way really, I'll vote if we vote but I'm also fine with not voting.

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Precipice would be my choice.

Precipice would be my choice. so much room having the hieght  and room to glide.

Mara Dragonhold
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I think the Priciice would be

I think the Priciice would be good

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Plz wait a little next time

As one of the members that wanted to help out with the guild hall capture can we wait for more of the guild to log on to make it a larger guild event that most of us can do together next time . It is nice to have now and I thank you all for your eforts is securing it 

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