RAID! Let's Kill Vale Guardian

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RAID! Let's Kill Vale Guardian

When: Saturday 2/27 and/or Sunday 2/28

Time: TBD-ish - let's try for around reset for up to 2 hours

Note: you will not need full ascended gear.  If you have it, awesome.  If you want to get some, the most important ones to get first are trinkets (rings, earrings, amulet, backpiece) and weapons.  Armor gives the least amount of benefit.  Perfecting your class rotation and bringing the appropriate build, stats, runes, sigils and foods are most important.

Post what class and role you plan to play below and I'll update this thread to indicate who is bringing what.

1. Toughness/DPS - role is to do some damage while keeping the vale guardian moving around the floor out of bad quadrants. - (Tanky/Condi Guardian - Ev)

2. DPS power (with interrupt chain handy) - green circle team if heavy or medium (DPS Power Ele - Muloo)

3. DPS power (with interrupt chain handy) - green circle team alt if heavy or medium (Dare Devil - Goseldt)

4. DPS power (with interrupt chain handy) - Army - PS Warrior

5. DPS - power or condi (O Nix O - DPS ele)

6. Condition DPS - needed for Red Guardian - will most likely also be on green circle team - (John Polsar - Condi Reaper)

7. Condition DPS - needed for Red Guardian - will most likely also be on green circle team - (Burnzerker - P2)

8. Dedicated Support - Druid or Tempest - green circle team (Finn - druid)

9. Chrono/utility for quickness sharing (Mog)

10. Herald for DPS, boon duration assist, staff interrupt (Mish/Penny)


In the unlikely event we have 10+, we'll swap people in/out so everyone has a chance at it. In the likely chance that some folks have time conflicts and can't be at the raid at the last minute, we'll add in folks from this list:

DPS Warrior - Kalamir

There follows more blather:

We will most likely not defeat the vale guardian on the first or second or tenth try.  Learning the fight takes time.  Be prepared to wipe repeatedly.  You will get magenetite shards just for trying.  We will be gentle on each other and try for as long as we're able to laugh it off.

Also note that playing your class in a raid will be a lot different than how it plays in other formats.  Be gentle on yourself and give yourself permission to screw up a lot until you understand what's going on.  And there is a lot going on!

I am confident we can beat it eventually. It just might take us a few days.

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I can bring three different

I can bring three different options.

DPS warrior with hammer for the interrupt chain.  Condi necro or ele.

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Yep Druid for me, been

Yep Druid for me, been waiting for this, I can fling the mudheals at the pretty mesmers :D

Can adjust to dps if needed

Shrimpgirl Ev
Currently, the best option

Currently, the best option for me to bring would be a DPS/Support DH. I also have a level 80 of every class, and I'm willing to work on gearing up something else if the need is there!

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Sign me up!!!!!

I've been waiting some time for this.  You can sign me up for Condi Reaper.

I'll take 5 - DPS as an Ele

I'll take 5 - DPS as an Ele

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I could run #1?

I have gear for toughness and I tend to be really good at running around and screaming kiting.

I was thinking warrior, but if there's a better option you guys think I should bring, let me know.

Kalamir Of Redshire
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I can fill in wherever needed

I can fill in wherever needed. Looks like all the roles are filled, so I can sub in if it turns out someone can't make it.

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The adrenal mushroom mastery

The adrenal mushroom mastery is likely to be very useful as these are placed about in the raid area (you can get your elite back, yo!). We should probably set up TLS xp trains in Heart of Thorns this week and for the weeks to come as we learn raids so that folks get all the benefits of masteries (not saying it's essential but helpful and probably confidence building etc).

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Adrenal Mushrooms

Yeah it's super useful - each boss has an adrenal mushroom right outside its ring so than when/if we wipe we can recharge skills quickly and go right back in.

However, don't sweat it if you do not have adrenal mushrooms - totally not a requirement as you can't use them during the fight anyhow.  If you have an important skill on cooldown between wipes, just let the team know and we can wait it out.  You can, however, use the speed mushrooms during the fight and gorseval does require updraft training - so if you don't have speed mushrooms and updrafts unlocked, work on those first.

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