www.thelastsanctuary.com - Under New Management

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Which is basically the same as the old. laugh Your Moggy leader has taken over the TLS website! Many thanks to Penny for keeping the site up and maintaining it for us for all these years!

So with new management comes new things! I have some ideas planned for the future! It'll take me a while though 'cause I'm a novice, but I want to learn and I want to make TLS an active places!

Here's a few things I'm interested in doing:

  • Reskinning the website
  • Private members-only chapter and blog posting
  • Integrating Tumblr feeds from TLS members (All TLS in one place, no fluff!)
  • Cross-interaction with Tumblr posts but ability to comment on TLS for a protected environment
  • Integrating Tumblr publishing (maybe - I have a lot more reading to do about existing modules)

Any other ideas?? Do share! If you wanna see something on TLS that will make you come back, let me know!



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Eeee hurray for Moggy! Thanks for taking on the site, I'm looking forward to the awesomes.

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make it hip make it fresh /shades.gif and finger snaps