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  • By Silima
    A Past Remembered, A Past Forgot explores the backstory of Silima and all her friends.
  • By P2
    The backstory for Hans and Henrich Adler.
  • By Valinaria
    Born of flame and passion to two magically blessed souls whose love was legendary, Valenaria entered life in the lap of luxury and nobility.  She didn't make this entry alone.  Minutes prior, a magically blessed sister had already made her debut, stolen the glory forever, and created a shadow in which Valenaria would always live.  Some years distant, they would be joined by a baby brother whom the family would dote upon, joyfully.
  • By Zulnut
    A man sheltered from the world, raised in an overly protective environment, struggles to break free and take some risks for once. His passion for forging armor and weapons, learning strengths and weaknesses of various pieces, and seeing different designs throughout Tyria propels him on an endless adventure. Will he learn to fight his anxiety from a sheltered life and become a fearless hero? Will he find respect, glory, love?
  • By Penny
    Driven into the frozen north by catastrophe and war, Mog and Maeve, once priests of a great Lyssan temple in Ascalon, vow to restore the lost traditions of their people as they build the Temple of the Sacred Spring at the center of their new home in Ironfast.
  • By Goseldt
    These are several disjunct tales from my Live Journal Circa 2008-2010. They include the dissolution of the Song and Branch Guild, A few tales about Visaly, and the conflict with Tarnsalus. I have decided to clean them up and retell some of them here, giving them some context and correcting for canon lore for GW2 (we now know when the Foefire happened for example). The thing these stories have in common though is that they concern members of the old Song and Branch guild, their futures, fights and adventures in Tyria and beyond - thus "Tales of the Lost Song"
  • By Penny
    A separatist sympathizer meddles with the bones of the past, sewing mayhem, murder and madness in his wake.
  • By Penny
    Dark forces are arrayed against the Crystal Palm guild and Zhou must teach Pendaran to join him as a demon hunter, both for his own protection and that of the guild. In an attempt to save his people, Zhou schemes to disband the Crystal Palm and flee into a shadow guild - The Hand of Tasos.
  • By Penny
    When Pendaran Caradec steals a jewel from trusting strangers, he soon discovers that he has taken more than just a precious bauble.
  • By Penny
    As humankind struggles to survive in sundered Tyria, Mog Ruith must face his past as one of Lyssa's holy people.
  • By Penny
    Haunted by the consequences of his sordid past, Pendaran faces death and demonic influences.
  • By Penny
    Touched by an ancient Margonite during his time in Torment, Pendaran is soon caught in its net with dire consequences for those around him.
  • By Goseldt
    Where in the diverse alarums of 250 year old guild lineages clash with the tragic figure of an abandoned mortician.
  • By jciardha
    Never mistake a new face for a new soul.  A Guild Wars 2 story.
  • By Indy
    The story of Natasha, and her friends all survivors of the Searing.